A Home for Your Gnome

Gardening Advice from a Fan of Fun!

My Art

I have always loved to draw. My collection of art is as diverse as my collection of plants in our garden. For many years I always felt a little bit of pressure when my mom or wife’s birthday or any other major holiday rolled around since this meant it was time to don the greeting card artist hat. The result is boxes of hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind greeting cards.

I’ve also loved to create quite detailed pen and ink sketches of old barns, architecture, and friends’ homes.

As a traveler, I’ve been writing in my journals knowing that someday (today) my memory may be challenged to recall the details of an amazing adventure.  When these began, I would draw small “thumbnail” sketches to help bring the story to life. This has since evolved into my carrying both a journal and a small sketchbook on every trip. These began with pen only but now I can’t resist adding watercolor.

Below is a small sample of what my right brain has cranked out over the years.