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Welcome to A Home for Your Gnome! A site offering practical garden and landscape design advice with the hope of making you smile. As I wrestled with naming my blog, I was torn with whether or not to toss the word “garden” in there. It may be a gamble from a search engine and algorithm perspective but I am SO glad you found me! (Now tell your friends).

Garden kitsch and gnomes are kind of like the smell of mulch. You either love it or you don’t. There’s not a lot of middle ground. Personally, I dig gnomes and I strive to make our garden as inviting as possible for these mystical miniatures.

I considered calling this site Fourteen Gnomes (as this is how many currently reside here) but I bailed on the idea. Anyway, my goal is to share some advice on a multitude of garden topics with the hope that you’ll find something of value here. So, dig in and see what you uncover!

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Spontaneous Vegetation

Spontaneous Vegetation

An homage to the urban weed At a recent talk I gave on Earth Day, I had a middle school girl ask me “What is a weed?’ as I was going on one of my...

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About Me

There is a saying “Those who can’t, teach”. I like to think of myself as an exception to that. I have recently retired as a Professor of Sustainable Landscape Design at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville. However, I not only taught during those 33 years but I maintained a small practice as a landscape architect which I continue to enjoy today.

As an award-winning professor, I took great pride in training my students with a practical but fun delivery style. Edutainment is what I called it. I also led students annually on study-abroad adventures throughout Europe and Japan. (Poor me!) When I’m not taking roll call of the assorted gnomes who inhabit our garden, I may be found giving talks to fellow garden enthusiasts, traveling, sketching, creating killer greeting cards, and designing magical outdoor spaces.

Originally a native of Western New York State, I have enjoyed calling Knoxville my home for the past several decades.

Garry Menendez at the Hobbit House